middle05Welcome to the AllaboutHealth,Inc. a organization, aan educational and eCommerce organization with the main objective of promoting life-long learning, providing current information on Research and Evidence-Based Practices, continue education opportunities and certification courses/workshops, including PCCN, CCRN,  and Med-Surgical certifications for Registered nurses and nursing students.  We hope that you find this website to be valuable. We encourage you to explore this website and contact info@allabouthealthinc.net if you have any questions or suggestions. 

 AllaboutHealth,Inc is committed to providing continuing education workshops, professional certification review courses, seminars and conferences, and networking opportunities to all persons involve in healthcare profession and information technology, as well  as  to keep you informed of the latest research findings and innovative approaches, evidence-based practices, and  leadership to further your knowledge and professional growth.


The mission of Allabouthealthinc is to promote the  role of the healthcare professionals and advancement of healthcare professionals through effective communication, educational opportunities, and establishment of professional standards.



– Provide a network of effective communication to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and experiences, and peer networking.
-To unite nursing professionals and healthcare providers worldwide through      professional collaboration, classes, seminars, workshops, conferences, Health Fairs,and other enlightenment initiatives.
– Serve as an information resources through enewsletters and other printed/online resources.
– Establish and maintain a high standard of integrity, proficiency and professionalism in the healthcare

– Establish and collaborate with other professionals of businesses, information technology, organizations, or agencies that    are related to healthcare industry.

– Encourage all interested healthcare professionals to  subscribe to the eNewsletters, and enjoy benefits such as discount registration fee  for certification review courses/workshops,    seminars/webinars, or annual conferences and symposiums.

– Provide an organization structure at national levels – bridge the gap in knowledge of evidence-based practices here in U.S. and abroad by promoting long-life learning, education and research.