Wile,Me, Espie framework comprises of Six Domains

IMG_2148  Framework

“The PILLER Model” is committed to supporting its members and healthcare professionals as they utilize their expertise in integrating the best evidence found in literature and patient’s preferences and values to deliver  or implement scientifically sound patient care. To meet  the requirements of Magnet designation entails that healthcare practitioners understand the importance of evidence. is committed to excellence and continuous improvement – support and promote innovative practices in its members and healthcare professionals as they test assumptions, implement  innovative solutions and strategies that improve outcomes and patients’ experience as well. recognizes evidence-based practice as  key to quality and excellence care.  is committed to supporting and fostering a culture and a spirit of inquiry  of research and EBP that benefits its members as well as other healthcare professionals. By cultivating spirit of inquiry,healthcare professionals will be comfortable to ask questions about the care/management of their patients and the ability to challenge their unit or institutional practices, thereby promoting sustainability and excellent patient outcome.

Lifelong learning is a voluntary, self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for personal or professional reasons, in an ongoing basis, throughout life. Lifelong learning is beneficial in that it enhances knowledge, skills and competence, social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development, as well as promote self-sustainability. AAHINC. org is committed in giving its members the feeling of accomplishment and an opportunity to learn new things as well as provide them with new interests they can share with their colleagues, family, and friends. is committed to supporting EBP that benefits its members as well as other healthcare professionals. Evidence-based-practices is the foundation of delivering safe and high quality of healthcare that promotes best patient outcome.Studies indicated  that the use of an EBP leads to improved health, patient safety, cost outcomes, including but not limited to a decrease in patient morbidity and mortality. is committed to supporting research that benefits not only to its members, but healthcare professionals as well. AAHINC. org aims at fostering the spirit of inquiry and a culture of collaboration and engagement of its members in the development and/or implementation of research and evidence-based practice – offering continue education and certification workshops, classes or courses that further their professional knowledge in clinical research, including provision of access to Citi exam program.