Welcome to the AAHINC.org, a subsidiary of the AllAboutHealth,Inc. AAHINC.org is a membership organization with the main objective of providing current information on Research and Evidence-Based Practices, continue education and certification courses/workshops, including PCCN, CCRN,  and Med-Surgical certifications for Registered nurses and nursing students.  We hope that you find this website to be valuable. We encourage you to explore this website and contact info@aahinc.org if you have any questions or suggestions for us. We also encourage you to take advantage of AAHINC.org’s membership benefits by joining us.

The AAHINC.org is a group of individuals with extensive experience in the healthcare profession and information technology. We offer specialty exam review courses, educational presentations,  and seminars to keep you informed of the latest research findings and innovation, Evidence-based practices, leadership, professional certification, and other information to further your knowledge and career growth.

The mission of AAHINC.org is to promote the  role of the healthcare professionals and advancement of healthcare professionals through effective communication, educational opportunities, and establishment of professional standards.