Objectives are to:        

-Provide a network of effective communication to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and experiences, and peer networking.
-To unite nursing professionals and healthcare providers worldwide through      professional collaboration, classes, seminars, workshops, conferences, Health Fairs,and other enlightenment initiatives.
– Serve as an information resources through enewsletters and other printed/online resources.
– Establish and maintain a high standard of integrity, proficiency and professionalism in the healthcare

– Establish and collaborate with other professionals of businesses, information technology, organizations, or agencies that    are related to healthcare industry.

– Encourage all interested healthcare professionals to  subscribe to the eNewsletters, and enjoy benefits such as discount registration fee  for certification review courses/workshops,    seminars/webinars, or annual conferences and symposiums.

– Provide an organization structure at national levels – bridge the gap in knowledge of evidence-based practices here in U.S. and abroad by promoting long-life learning, education and research.