Video Symposium

Frontline Innovators on Providing Patient- and Family-Centered Care      


These videos  are very informative –  show how some organizations are working in

promoting excellent partnership with their patients and families for better outcome.

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    –  Bernard Roberson, MSM, BA, HSC.

      Patient Advisors Participate in Hospital Councils, Committees, Staff Training, and Other
Activities, Contributing to Improved Patient Satisfaction and Better Organizational
Performance. Click here to watch the video.

Michelle Rickerby, MD Diane DerMarderosian, MD                                                                                                 education-BOD

Hospital-Based Day Treatment Program Provides Family-Centered Services to Children With

        Chronic Illnesses and Emotional Issues as an Alternative to Outpatient and Inpatient Care.
        To watch this video click  here

– Judith Rogers, PhD, MSN, RN

Separate Emergency Center for Older Patients Leads to High Levels of Patient Satisfaction,
Detection of Polypharmacy, Increased Volume of Patients, and Low Rate of Return Visits
To watch this video click  here